Why I became a coach:

Throughout my successful career in sales that began when I graduated from my MBA, I have sought meaning in what I did. Spent years going to various evening classes toying with various professions such as teaching, psychotherapy, journalism and even human rights law.  

Until finally I met an Executive Coach who turned me on to this wonderful profession. Whilst at a weekend taster course I realised it ticked several boxes for me, one of the big ones being helping other people.

As I participated in the training my passion for the profession grew, as did my desire to work with successful women (and men too, I don’t discriminate), helping them express their values and individuality as leaders.

What was meant to be a ‘side-act’ to an overall career as an HR consultant became the main course. To this date, my passion for coaching and the potential it has continues to grow. It brings me tremendous happiness when I can help professionals realise their full potential as genuine leaders. 

How I coach:

My style of coaching is gentle yet bold. I will challenge you to dive into places and delicately nudge you out of your comfort zone. 

You can rely on me to call you on your 'stories'. We all have those. You know the ones we tell ourselves and even often convince ourselves. The ones that lie in the zone of denial, for example.

My sessions are a safe place for you to explore and expand, and if you are ready to take the bull by the horns you will see transformation in a short space of time.

Please get in touch for a complimentary 30-minute session!

What I offer:

You might be an executive looking to find work/life balance, or eager to break through to an executive role. You may have landed your dream promotion only to find that now you are here it the unknown and you need support navigating the landscape.

Through tailored business coaching and personal development, I can help you get help you discover what is really important to you, help you identify and eliminate obstacles (such as self-doubt) that are blocking your way forward and finally work with you to design a plan of action.

Discovery Session:

Our first session is what we call a discovery session. It is longer than usual sessions at one and a half hours. This will help me learn about you, your background and everything you would like to achieve by committing to a coaching program.

On the basis of this session clear action plans will be set that we can refer back to throughout the coaching arrangement to ensure we are still aligned with what your initial goals were. New ones will present themselves, some original ones may drop off. It is always good to have that measure.

We will then meet once or twice a month, either face to face or by phone for the 45-minute long sessions.

Midway through the program we will review your progress so far, and revisit the action plan to see what if anything needs to change. At the end of the assignment I will conduct a completion session.

As you progress through the coaching relationship it can be difficult to see the shifts and transformations as times as they can be subtle. It is when looking back at the sessions as a whole that you will begin to really notice the enormous shifts that have taken place.

Training, qualifications & experience

I had spent 12 years working in sales and marketing for Media outlets including Time Magazine and Interfax News Agency. When I started training as a coach I was an HR consultant for telecommunications companies.

I have been trained and certified by one of the world’s leading coaches training institutes. My model of coaching combines over 15 years of experience working and consulting in multinational corporations with modern coaching techniques.

Clients have included successful leaders at Coca Cola Enterprises and Unicef, founders and directors of startups and Fortune 100 companies. My work (and life) have taken me to 3 different continents. Although currently I am based in the U.K., international clients are welcome.

  • CPCC - The Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
  • ACC - International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • MA, International Business & Management - University of Westminster
  • BA, Political Science & Sociology- Richmond, the American International University in London,

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