On 9 July 2013 The Gentle World Cafe was launched to ignite and inspire conversations between men and women. A Conversation that empowered them to see different perspectives in their interactions with each other and with themselves to enable us to find a peaceful approach to ending Gender-Based violence and Abuse.

The objective of the Cafe is to come to an understanding as individuals of what it takes to create from within and from each other to live in understanding and curiosity rather than assumption and closed-mindedness. 

We debuted the cafe with 3 brilliant speakers. Leonid Frolov, a translator and CTI coach; Ken Mossman MFA, CPCC, PCC who is a CTI leader and founder of Cirrus Coaching for men; and Gina Paigen, a professional coach and leadership consultant.

Each brought a different perspective to what The Gentle World is: Recognizing, seeing and acknowledging who we are and the parts of us that make us so, understanding that we are at choice and taking responsibility and healing. 

The audience were inspired, ignited and ready to try on new ways of being in relationship.

I would like to thank my wonderful speakers for traveling to New York City especially for this event and all those that attended and participated.

We will be taking this on the road so check back here for future Cafe's in other cities.

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