According to many United Nations reports and numerous other studies conducted in the world violence against women is epidemic and a solution needs to be found.

Despite the fact that most gender based crimes are perpetrated from male to females, this does not exclude males from being at the receiving end. 

There is violent crime, war atrocities, domestic violence and also emotional and physical abuse at schools, universities, work places, you name it.

One such heinous act that occurred in Delhi, India left me feeling desperately sad about the state of affairs in the world we live in, in the city where I was born.

Feelings of anger and utter despondency and helplessness took over. Until one day I woke up and decided to do something about this.

Through personal experiences and epiphanies as well as through listening to others, asking questions it occurred to me that the perpetrators are often victims themselves. It is hard to see it that way.

  If that were the case, I thought why not create a world where we all work at preventing violence together. Learn to respect and communicate with each other. Learn to empathize and have compassion for ourselves and for the other. 

Why not create a world filled with Gentle-men and Gentle-ladies to work our way towards preventing and ending gender-based violence.

The Gentle World site is a place for us to learn from each other, from what others have written, studied and experiences to find way to end and prevent Gender violence.

This is a place, safe for both men and for women. Because MEN, this effects you too. 

Welcome to this site. Please feel free to comment and contribute ways in which we can work together to make this a better place for both men and women to express who they are without fear of judgement.

Welcome to the Gentle World