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Having grown up in a Middle Eastern country in the 1980's to fairly liberal Indian parents was interesting. It has to be said that I did not enjoy growing up there.  I couldn't wait to get out of there yet I couldn't imagine or fathom that would ever happen.

As fate would have it sure enough Saddam Hussein decided to invade the country one hot August morning in 1990 and here was my unexpected way out. Not that I am in any way happy about the invasion, nor the number of people, soldiers and civilians that lost their lives because of it.

It is only now that I understand that the experiences of growing up in the Middle East, India, Europe and USA has set me up for a life that is all about eradicating, changing and shifting current attitudes and perceptions between men and women.

Here I will share my own contemplations about my own experiences and interactions with others especially with regards to issues of gender-based violence equality, effectively issues of humanity. I will also introduce you to influential writers I admire, friends whose thoughts I find inspiring and people I come across in my life who have caught my attention

The aim of this site is to generate substantial dialogue around a subject that effects us all in some way or the other in our day to day lives.

I hope you will find it useful and thought provoking and I hope that you will visit again. Write to me at Suparna@TheGentleWorld.com and feel free to leave comments here on this site.




When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.
— Peace Pilgrim

Suparna's interview on Coach World TV by the President of the NYC ICF Chapter, Terry Yoffe.